Raina & Darshan, Greece

I was in bliss, made peace with the world.

I was not wanting, I was full.

I was sure I had everything. I could sleep the minute I shut my eyes.

Then on a rainy day, my eyes met yours.

My soul had a conversation with yours.

And unnoticeably, the ground shifted below me.

My spirit inconsolable, my soul gravitated towards you.

No sleep, no contentment, life was suddenly incomplete.

I had to come to you, to the mountains, to the snow.

I was fine until I met you.

But now that I have you, I have my salvation.

This wedding, we witnessed two love stories made for the books. Each one surreal, sublime, spiritual in its own way. One between Zina and Zain. The other between Zina and Zoya. And this beautiful handover between soulmates took place in Kashmir, amidst snow-covered mountains and peeking trees. This intimate Nikah was a transcendent experience for us- the myriad emotions punctuating every event and the coming together of two cultures. It oftentimes escapes us how spiritual a wedding is. It is a bond made for a lifetime, giving of one’s soul to the other to hold. Zina and Zain’s wedding was a reminder of this deep meaning of marriage. It was a pleasure to witness Zina and her relationship with both her soulmates. One will have hand and the other will have her heart.

Photographed by Siddharth Sharma , Harsha Bathija, Lonav Bharali
Styling : Touch and Be